Lady Gaga dernière mode Inspiration: Gwen Stefani

save money and live

save money and live

Gaga and Gwen love their houndstooth

Lady gaga Fashion Inspiration

Comparisons between Madonna and Lady Gaga plays in full in magazines and tabloid newspapers, sketches SNL parody tears is highly competitive wars fan Online. All the (unintentional?) Choir singing sister synchronized sparkly lingerie taste for media debate have been spectacular. But lately appeared a relevant parallel between Gaga again omnibranded and other crazy blonde pop star Gwen Stefani. Among the compelling visual evidence: Gaga latest escapades brave blue hair (a test look like Stefani has led the way back in 1998), his deputy, Veronica Lake look (again look at the default No doubt singer now and then) and an affinity for black and white sets and matching eye makeup. How Stefani has announced the launch of his own goal (very real) announced online for children, a mini-version of Harajuku Lovers – Gaga has even announced a line of children’s clothing spoof. And how many of yesterday’s shows the appearance and performance on the view, the taste of heritage Gaga prints overlap with Stefani. Case in point: the ladies love their chicken.

In his signing ambitious Gaga, not only with houndstooth accessorize, essentially in it wallpapered – including the decision to shades of Bootsy Collins-style houndstooth and a clutch and a hat, so that appropriate ‘, they have agreed on a spirited rendition of “You & I “on a (wait) piano that Elton John is certainly landed Hen covet. And she was wearing eye make-up houndtooth, which had more or less Harlequin (grass Stefani also explored, of course). Gaga But remember, the eccentricity with a few pearls balance – perhaps a sign not to Gwen only casually, but by Vivienne Westwood, the grande dame of punk fashion and haute symbolic father of the two avant-loving singer. The overall results achieved Gaga-specific double distinction of being confusing and a little wiser – for someone who has put the flesh and Kermit the Frog, at least.

As anyone who’s MTV saw, or open a publication style ten years ago may remember Stefani brand chicken in a recurring motif in her wardrobe rocksteady era – hardly the era of pop art, as it has helped Stephen Sprouse graffiti is a universally recognized visual. 2001 video hit for his return to No Doubt dancehall anthem “Hey Baby” to integrate with all the memorable houndstooth what the group is able to live, the diamond pattern in their later series.

Perhaps Gaga album No Doubt reunion looming in your head? What’s next: a group of altar boys dressed thematically compete with Stefani’s own Harajuku Girls? If yes, a few people in the house of the mysterious GaGa will feel excluded.


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