justin bieber send Used Perfume Her Girlfriend

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Justin bieber

Justin bieber

Canadian pop heartthrob Justin (Justin Bieber) called the world’s richest young one, but he also makes people mean, “impressive”, according to the British entertainment media, and cheap to treat his girlfriend game than Bo Lena Gomez (Selena Gomez) is not generous, he even used their own perfume gift for my girlfriend.

Junior idol Justin leading the global trend, and he and Disney romance girl Selena Gomez more people talked about. Recently, a reporter asked Serena, Justin is not a good boyfriend, the former gives the answer was a bit unexpected: “Yes, he is very romantic, one day he sent me a bottle he used perfume. ”

This is a perfume brought her boyfriend happy thing, but nonetheless Selena Gomez was laughing, although Bibb will give her own perfume, but this is men’s fragrance, with Serena up and not used to, so she can find other excuses to stall: “But I am not a day like perfume to the body painted girl.”

British “Sun” quipped: “Serena is probably cheating Bibb, right? She just does not want just the bottle of perfume if Bibb for his purchase of a luxury senior perfume, Serena ‘do not like painted perfume ‘habits have changed changed. “