Avril Lavigne Divorce no regrets,Refused to show off sexy: do not strip for anyone

Avril Lavigne Divorce no regrets

Rock star Avril Lavigne has its own way, unique from the clothes to life. Despite setbacks in the road conditions, but she is still strong enough to face life without regret with respect to divorce!

Canadian Rock star Avril Lavigne debut more than 10 years, recalls that we all expect her to like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera-like exposed flesh, but she would not strip for anyone: “When you become the focus of light, people will evaluate you, all the things you do will also affect the fans. I never obey the minds of most people’s image of female singers, have their own style and now I do not like boys, like to wear high heels, tight jeans and skirts, a decade ago I would never wear this. “Although she claimed to have hate fashion, but the mentality has changed a few years ago, also launched his own label Abbey Dawn:” It was from my father told me to nickname! it is very rock and roll flavor, a little Dark but not Goethe, but also very feminine, the most important thing is it enough to fit. ”

Love of exercise to keep fit

That life, and Sum 41 vocalist Deryck Whibley Avril children of divorce do not regret it claims: “Although we broke up, but still good friends, care about each other.” Petite she said with a smile, do not understand why some people would sit down and do nothing fat: “I like doing sports, and there are a lot of skateboarding, you can always get to play! Now I live in California, will be free to go Sailing.”


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