Katy Perry Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

Pigs might fly

Believe it or not celebrities don’t just wake up looking like a million bucks. Or even half a mil. Quarter mil. You get the point. They have an entire team of hair and makeup artists (that probably cost half a mil), that help them glam up in no time.

Thanks to a photo her husband Russell Brand tweeted last year, we know Katy Perry isn’t as hot without makeup. And I’m talking Beyonce hot without makeup. Seriously, B, how are you that hot without makeup? I need to know!

Anyway, Katy admits to Instyle magazine that she needs so much help in the hair and makeup department she’s ordered a special chair so she can just sit back (or lay back) and relax while her team works their magic. How cool is that?

Katy, who has been experimenting with different hair colors lately, rocks a new pink do on the cover of InStyle with a headline that reads, “Katy Perry: Pretty in Pink.” Thankfully, she’s gotten rid of that weird orange color she was sporting for a short time while she was in the transition phase. Pink suits her, but going back to black is definitely going to be a bitch.

katy perry hot Her Beauty Secrets 1

katy perry hot Her Beauty Secrets 2





























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