Dress Style of Beyonce Knowles

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Beyonce Knowles has come a long way since her beginnings with Destiny’s Child! Since her departure from the popular girl group, Beyonce has become a full-fledged mega-star and icon who has conquered music, acting and fashion. Check out her style evolution for these years!At the 2003 Billboard Music Awards, Beyonce stunned in a beaded flapper style dress. She added shine to her dazzling ’20s style with gold strappy sandals and big glitzy earrings.
For the VH1 Big in 03 Awards, Beyonce chose to cover up in a puzzling ensemble consisting of a lengthy champagne satin skirt and a fur-trimmed pink corset. Wholesale bridesmaid dress not only beautiful but also affordable.Fortunately, her glowing skin and sleek ‘do were as flawless as ever.At the 2004 Video Music Awards, Beyonce could have passed for a pageant queen thanks to her big, teased ‘do and ultra-bronzed skin. She showcased lots of skin in a gilded brocade short suit that would have felt right at home in Vegas thanks to its fully bedazzled lapels.
Beyonce looked stunning at the 2005 Academy Awards in a classically glamorous strapless black prom dress. It was a perfect choice !At the 2006 American Music Awards, Beyonce glammed it up in a dramatic teal taffeta evening dress with beaded accents. For the December 2006 Dreamgirls premiere, Beyonce hit the red carpet in an ultra-feminine pale blue mermaid prom dress by Elie Saab.Stunning !
In 2007, the always charitable Beyonce showed her support for AIDS research by wearing a peach V-neck prom dress. To finish off her flawless goddess style, Beyonce accented her look with an elegant top knot and sparkly earrings. Fantastic !At the 2007 Grammy Awards, the beauty stonned in a cocktail dress with decadent beaded accents. Another different feeling.Beyonce showed major leg action in this light green dress by Armani at the Academy Awards in February of 2007. What appears to be a strap is actually a thread of large green stones draped over the star’s shoulder. Gorgeous!To showcase her famous curves, Beyonce often favors gowns with mermaid silhouettes. For the 2007 American Music Awards, a blonde Beyonce hit the red carpet in an extremely low-cut butter yellow mermaid prom dress with a pleated peekaboo blue bust line.

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Katy Perry: A Woman We Love

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It’s pissing rain in Larchmont, where Katy Perry lives, just south of Hollywood. The twenty-four-year-old singer gets out of a silver Audi A6 wearing a headband with a black-and-white bow, Wayfarers, and a T-shirt with Mickey and Minnie Mouse holding hands from behind. Pencil-thin black pants with zippers all over them. She looks like a dancer in Lionel Richie’s “Dancing on the Ceiling” video. She takes off her glasses and she has beautiful blue eyes. Big eyes. Her lips are pink and pouty. Somehow it’s impossible to get a sense of her body. Somehow she’s hiding it. But her eyes are gigantic.

We sit down in an empty bistro. She looks like someone in her mid-twenties, but she has the demeanor of someone in her early thirties. Controlled, surprisingly. But not “media-trained” controlled. Controlled like someone who is introspective even when you don’t ask her to be. She acts like a local (she grew up in Santa Barbara, California) who’s taking a break from a long day of work (the first stop on her first world tour is the next day, in Seattle).

She gets a crepe with grapes, a pineapple slice, and a wedge of watermelon. Turns out she really likes fruit.

ESQUIRE: I thought your outfit at the MTV Europe awards was great. Your head popped up through an apple. It was cool.

KATY PERRY: My stylist is a continuous burst of “Yes we can.” He dreams just as retarded as I dream.

ESQ: What are some of your retarded dreams?

KP: I always wanted to suspend from the ceiling in a twirling banana. I’m going to be inside the banana. So the banana drops into a fruit bowl with the other sparkling, glorious fruit, and their tops pop off and dancers come out and help peel me out of the banana. I have a fascination with fruit.

ESQ: What are you trying to achieve with your persona, with your style of dress? Where does that come from?

KP: It’s Lucille Ball meets Bob Mackie. It’s about innuendo. I want everybody to get the joke, but I want them to think about it for a minute.

ESQ: What do you want to achieve? Do you want to be as big as Gwen Stefani? As big as Madonna? Bigger?

KP: I’d like to say I’d like to be as big as a Gwen or a Madonna, but I think those days of achieving that level are over. The media is bringing everybody down.

ESQ: Sorry about that. How are you adjusting to the paparazzi?

KP: I don’t ever do anything to try and bring it upon myself. There are ten thousand other restaurants besides the Ivy. I’m not obsessed with getting my picture taken. You know, there’s just so much taken out of context. There’s so much nit-picking. I turned my data alerts off.

ESQ: So you haven’t seen the shot of you in your green bikini?

KP: Well, yeah, I read Us Weekly.

ESQ: When I was listening to your album, I figured out your favorite chords.

KP: A minor?

ESQ: G, A minor, F, and C. Are you a guitarhead?

KP: I’m not a guitarhead. But I love acoustic guitars. I love Martins and Taylors. I mostly play Taylors. I can’t find my pink SG right now. All my guitars are pretty obnoxiously colored. Except my Taylor, which is just my Taylor.

ESQ: In an interview you said you were influenced by “classic No Doubt.” I almost choked on my —

KP: I’m talking classic No Doubt in the early nineties, when Gwen did “Don’t Speak” in the garage.

ESQ: That’s why I choked. What about the eighties?

KP: Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Chrissie Hynde. I’m obsessed with Freddie Mercury.

ESQ: As a showman or a vocalist?

KP: In all capacities. He was someone out there who is respected. He’s the real deal. You know how everyone has their one magical moment in hearing something they love?

ESQ: And they play it over and over, yeah.

KP: That happened with me and Queen.

ESQ: With what song?

KP: “Killer Queen.”

ESQ: What are you listening to right now?

KP: Queen, continuously. And the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. I had a relationship and that’s all we listened to. Patty Griffin. I love all the big pop stuff. I thought Beyoncé made a great pop record.

ESQ: Now that you’re single, what type of guy do you want?

KP: I have a soft spot for musicians. If a man could ride this roller coaster with me and come out alive, then I guess we’d deserve each other’s company. But I don’t really have the right energy to be with somebody right now, because when I love somebody, I love somebody. Like, I want to marry them. I don’t date around. I haven’t been on a date.

ESQ: You haven’t been on a date?

KP: Not really. I’m not into casual anything.

ESQ: Your folks are conservative. Are they supportive?

KP: People can’t fathom that my pastor parents could actually support the wild-child daughter. But they’re very moderate, you know?

ESQ: Probably made you get the Jesus tattoo.

KP: I got that when I was eighteen, on the Sunset Strip. I was with my boyfriend, and I just wanted to get something so I would always remember where I came from. My dad has four tattoos, and they all say “Jesus.”

ESQ: Who were you channeling at the photo shoot?

KP: I aimed a little bit sexy with the hair. I wanted to just grow up a little bit. I’ll be twenty-five this year.

ESQ: You’re trying to grow out of the banana?

KP: No. But I can’t always play the innocent Lolita sex kitten.

ESQ: Do you think that affects the way people perceive your music?

KP: Yep. It’s the whole package. But people who want to tag along for the ride, they’ll understand and they’ll get the joke and they’ll realize that I wrote the fucking joke.

Fashion credits: First photo: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent night coat from The Way We Wore, Los Angeles; Corset & Panties by Agent Provocateur; Stockings by Victoria’s Secret; Ring – stylist’s own; Necklace by Jennifer Meyer. Second photo: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent night coat from The Way We Wore, Los Angeles; Corset & Panties by Agent Provocateur; Necklace by Jennifer Meyer. Third photo: Leopard cat suit by Agent Provocateur; Stockings by H&M; Vintage panther brooch from The Way We Wore, Los Angeles; Ring by Sara Weinstock. Fourth photo: Sweater by Sonia Rykiel.

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Katy Perry Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

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Believe it or not celebrities don’t just wake up looking like a million bucks. Or even half a mil. Quarter mil. You get the point. They have an entire team of hair and makeup artists (that probably cost half a mil), that help them glam up in no time.

Thanks to a photo her husband Russell Brand tweeted last year, we know Katy Perry isn’t as hot without makeup. And I’m talking Beyonce hot without makeup. Seriously, B, how are you that hot without makeup? I need to know!

Anyway, Katy admits to Instyle magazine that she needs so much help in the hair and makeup department she’s ordered a special chair so she can just sit back (or lay back) and relax while her team works their magic. How cool is that?

Katy, who has been experimenting with different hair colors lately, rocks a new pink do on the cover of InStyle with a headline that reads, “Katy Perry: Pretty in Pink.” Thankfully, she’s gotten rid of that weird orange color she was sporting for a short time while she was in the transition phase. Pink suits her, but going back to black is definitely going to be a bitch.

katy perry hot Her Beauty Secrets 1

katy perry hot Her Beauty Secrets 2




























On Katy Perry’s magic breasts

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Anyone who has seen the rash of cosmetic surgery adverts plastering the hoardings of London this year will be familiar with the notion that boobs, particularly expensively remoulded boobs, are the foundation of any modern woman’s confidence. I had no idea that this was meant so literally until I saw Katy Perry’s new music video, in which her breasts quite literally shoot jets of fiery self-esteem, prompting various young people in a generic eastern European city to make minor changes in their lives.

In the opening scenes of Firework — a clinically catchy pop excursion released last week to coincide with the height of the season during which Anglo-Saxons burn rockets, papier-mache terrorists and their principles — Perry wanders alone in an opulent ballgown on a balcony high above the city. The singer watches forlornly as young people face down a smorgasbord of personal difficulties: a young man is afraid to come out of the closet; a girl who is overweight is too shy to wear a swimsuit in front of her friends; a hipster-looking youth is getting mugged in a back-alley.  

But wait! What’s this? Suddenly, CGI sparks begin to fizz and crackle in Perry’s chest. The celebrity burns with passion to save the poor lost children with the power of song and special effects; fireworks start to explode in her bosom and begin to burst out of her nipples, trailing huge incendiary arcs across the city. A young cancer patient gazes in emaciated wonder out of her hospital window as Perry’s exploding tits light up the sky.

Whoever is touched by Perry’s extraterrestrial mammary flames becomes suddenly courageous: the hipster dazzles his assailants with card-tricks, the young girl strips to her knickers and dives into the pool and the boy snogs a stranger in front of his friends as the lyrics remind us that, to overcome any obstacle, all we really need to do is “ignite the light, and let it shine”. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. It is not entirely clear whether Katy Perry’s computer-generated boobtacular light-show can actually cure cancer, but the implication is certainly there. “Katy’s got a lot of substance and a lot to say, and hopefully this video represents that,” said its director, Dave Meyers.

“Firework”, which Meyers insists is a solemn attempt to “articulate… what it means to be an underdog”, was rather hastily dedicated to the It Gets Better project, set up this autumn to console gay teenagers considering suicide with the knowledge that their lives will improve. It Gets Better is a worthy and necessary initiative in a world where LGBT youth invariably face savage bullying at school, at home and in their communities.

The problem with this approach is that it entirely evades responsibility to change the situation, accepting homophobic hostility as something young people just have to suffer through until they’re old enough to move somewhere with a passable scene. The notion that personal resilience is the only possible response to injustice is burnt into the retinas after a single viewing of “Firework”. There is something distinctly counter-revolutionary about the exploding tits hypothesis of personal transformation.

The serious message that “Firework” seems to be sending is that you can’t actually fight the social structures that put obstacles such as homophobia, body fascism or street crime in your way. All you can do is find the strength to battle against the odds, possibly with the help of a go-getting attitude and a pair of fantastic jugs — you’re not supposed to question why the odds are stacked against you in the first place. “Show ’em what you’re worth”.

The orthodoxy of consumer self-fashioning is entirely grounded on this notion of desperate individual striving. Outside music-video land, fighting social injustice often involves more meetings, marches and lobbying and fewer synth beats. It doesn’t just happen because some pop star in a party frock sprays magical fire from her nipples.

It is reassuring, then, that by the end of the video all the hundreds of young people blessed with Perry’s bosom-burning spurts of CGI self-worth seem to have gone into a sort of gleefully pagan trance of self-immolation, converging on the town square in a bacchanalia of contemporary dance. The incendiary rabble appears to turn on Perry in an orgy of flamey vengeance.

Clearly, come the revolution, the boobs-on-fire brigade will be the first against the wall.




























Katy Perry One Shoulder Dress Sexy Display

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A flirty strapless gown finished off the girly appear. Navy style must not be left just for vacations but additionally you can modify it for your every day clothing. Superior luck following time. All pictures from the 1005 platform pumps appear book. A fairly strapless gown finished with all the female. Listed here are all of the pictures within the 1278 platform pumps appear book. I love the shoulders on this gown. The singer styled her golden locks into soft curls. Fuchsia, off shoulder, flattering reduce and drape, perfect embellishments. Serena was one individual who did change dresses between the events.

Singer singers without having makeup. She stored the remainder low essential with platform pumps and a matching clutch. So few females know ways to rock a wonderful, unique print within the red carpet. Attempt out sailor bandeau top with sailor skirted bottom. She finished off her appear with an emerald green and diamond necklace and matching dangling earrings.

Katy Perry Blue Sexy One Shoulder Dress 1

Katy Perry Blue Sexy One Shoulder Dress 2

Katy Perry Blue Sexy One Shoulder Dress 3

Katy Perry Blue Sexy One Shoulder Dress 4

Katy Perry Blue Sexy One Shoulder Dress 5

Katy Perry Blue Sexy One Shoulder Dress 6

Katy Perry Blue Sexy One Shoulder Dress 7

Katy Perry Blue Sexy One Shoulder Dress 8

Katy Perry Blue Sexy One Shoulder Dress 9

Katy Perry Blue Sexy One Shoulder Dress 10

Katy Perry Blue Sexy One Shoulder Dress 11

Katy Perry White Sexy One Shoulder Dress 1

Katy Perry White Sexy One Shoulder Dress 2

Katy Perry White Sexy One Shoulder Dress 3

Katy Perry White Sexy One Shoulder Dress 4

Katy Perry White Sexy One Shoulder Dress 5

Katy Perry White Sexy One Shoulder Dress 6

Katy Perry White Sexy One Shoulder Dress 7

Katy Perry White Sexy One Shoulder Dress 8

Katy Perry White Sexy One Shoulder Dress 9

Katy Perry White Sexy One Shoulder Dress 10

Katy Perry White Sexy One Shoulder Dress 11

Katy Perry White Sexy One Shoulder Dress 12

Katy Perry White Sexy One Shoulder Dress 13

Katy Perry Cute Sexy One Shoulder Dress 1

Katy Perry Cute Sexy One Shoulder Dress 2

Katy Perry Cute Sexy One Shoulder Dress 3

Katy Perry Cute Sexy One Shoulder Dress 4

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever

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I have to admit something: Sometimes, in moments of extreme weakness, I’ll click on a best-dressed photo gallery on a celebrity website. It has nothing to do with an interest in who wore it better and everything to do with me trying to demystify women’s clothing. I can’t figure that stuff out. If I saw Bjork wearing a swan standing next to Sandra Bullock wearing this dress, I’d have no idea who was dressed “better.” It all looks the same to me!

Except for one. There’s one dress that even I, with my extreme lack of dress knowledge, know looks spectacular and it’s in the photo above. There’s something about this beautiful number that Katy Perry wore in Mexico City this weekend that’s so exquisite. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but this dress is just bursting with beauty. It is, unquestionably, the best dress ever.

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 1

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 2

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 3

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 4

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 5

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 6

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 7

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 8

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 9

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 10

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 11

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 12

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 13

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 14

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 15

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 16

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 17

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 18

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 19

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 20

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 21

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 22

Katy Perry Wears The Best Dress Ever 23

Katy Perry Gets Wet And Wild On Her in the water

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She says, “I threw an empty water bottle at his head across Radio City Music Hall at the VMAs and it hit him straight in the head and I said ‘Hiiiiiiii!!’ And from then on it’s always been like ‘Oh God…’ So thanks, empty water bottle.”

And the singer, who accepted Brand’s proposal during a New Year’s trip to India, is adamant she’s in no rush to exchange vows with her funnyman fiance.

She adds, “We love each other and we desperately want to be with each other, so we’re going to take it as we come. I think the right time will be the right time.”